It's time for a new portfolio

It's been quite a few years since I have worked on a personal portfolio for myself, so here is the latest version to showcase what I've been learning and working on the last few years.


Now that I'm settled into my own home, I have really focused on creating a home library with a quiet space where I'm able to sit and get lost in reading a book.

I have easily doubled the number of books in the library this year alone and I do my best to put aside time each day to read at least a few pages.

The topics I'm most interested in include UI/UX, product design, business, tech, and geology/gemmology.


Project wise, I have been focusing on a few areas including user interface (UI) design and frontend development using technologies like NextJS.

I love being able to design the UI and then develop the client side part of the project. I've experimented with several frameworks and found that NextJS and TailwindCSS are really nice to work with. Having the projects set up in Github makes it super easy to deploy each project to Vercel.

General life

Less social media and more building things that actually matter (to me). These days you'll find me working on my own personal projects including my own version of a Facebook feed (coming soon) and a photo feed for me to save memories.